Naharnet: “Making strides in clean energy: ‘Middle East Clean Energy’ returns to Lebanon”

Access to clean energy is a basic human right and ensuring equal and easy access to it is imperative considering recent climate change developments. Regardless of location, income, or social status, individuals and communities should have access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. Investments in such energy sources will drive more efficiency, by improving the quality of life in a variety of ways, promoting economic growth, and keeping the planet a clean and safe place for future generations.

The demand for clean and renewable energy is growing rapidly worldwide, and the Middle East is no exception. To address this need, the “Middle East Clean Energy” exhibition and conference are returning to Beirut for the second consecutive year, from Wednesday May 3 to Friday May 5, 2023 to provide visitors with access to the latest developments in the world of clean energy production.

“The first edition of the event, which took place in 2022, was a massive success. It attracted 20 companies, 80 brands, 24 speakers, and thousands of visitors. The deals made, thanks to the fair’s connection-fostering ambiance, reached up to millions of U.S. dollars, which highlights the growing interest and investment in clean and renewable energy in Lebanon and the Levant,” a press release said.

“Middle East Clean Energy” seeks to promote an open dialogue between industry stakeholders, encourage strategic partnerships, advertise clean energy products and services to the public, and provide visitors with the best deals on the market.

“It is an exceptional opportunity for various stakeholders to collaborate and discuss energy-related issues and climate change cost-effective solutions leading to a more stable economy and social setting. The event will bring together C-Level decision-makers, energy thought leaders, government officials, municipal leaders, engineers, consultants, project owners, investors, and climate change advocates,” the press release added.

“This diverse group of participants will offer a unique and holistic approach to addressing the challenges of climate change and sustainable energy solutions. It will also facilitate idea-sharing, knowledge transfer, and cooperation, enabling the development of innovative ideas and cutting-edge research, regulatory frameworks, financing models, and investment opportunities related to sustainable energy projects. Overall, the event promises to be a significant step towards a sustainable future for our planet,” it said.

The “Middle East Clean Energy” is organized by Beirut Expo, the “regional leader in organizing successful trade fairs and conferences based on years of experience,” the press release added. “With the support of this expert team, ‘Middle East Clean Energy’ promises to be a remarkable experience for all participants,” it said.