Naharnet: “Middle East Clean Energy, The Way Forward”

Lebanon is becoming increasingly engaged in augmenting investment in clean and renewable energy. Such an endeavor presents a range of high-impact co-benefits. Socially, it will grant the Lebanese population access to reliable energy; economically, it will drive new commerce and create new job opportunities, reduce prices in the case of exceeding supply hence boosting growth; while environmentally, it will improve air quality and reduce emissions. Countries from the MENA region, such as Syria and Iraq also face similar challenges as power outages prompt the population and institutions to search for clean and renewable energy solutions to cover their electricity needs, thus creating promising business prospects in this sector. 

As demand has weighed heavily on Lebanon, due to its budget deficit, the country seeks to have 30% of its electricity mix generated from renewable energy sources by 2030. However, this ambitious objective is faced with a number of obstacles such as the country’s power sector which suffers from a significant supply-demand imbalance, simply depicted as high generation costs and a substantial lack of financial sustainability. Electricité du Liban’s (EDL) available installed capacity is 1,616 MW, which contrasts with a peak demand of up to 3,000 MW compensated by high private generator subscriptions, the deterioration of buying power, and the skyrocketing fuel prices. 

The “Middle East Clean Energy” exhibition & conference sets the stage for a comprehensive conference program that will shed light on the latest developments and solutions in the field, such as fully domestic sourcing power, reducing said imbalance, and making way for new specializations to flourish. 

“Beirut Expo, the regional leader in organizing successful trade fairs and conferences, is renowned for its extensive years of experience in the field, allowing companies and individuals to connect, share information, and collaborate on various fruitful projects,” a press release said. Its upcoming iteration of the “Middle East Clean Energy” exhibition & conference” is a vital platform for promoting the use of renewable energy in Lebanon and the region.

“It plays a significant role in driving awareness and education about the benefits of renewable energy and encouraging its adoption across various industries. It will also provide a forum for businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services and form partnerships and collaborations that can advance the industry,” the press release added.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and discover new innovations and solutions that can help promote a more sustainable future,” it said.