Deals worth millions of dollars were recorded at the 1st edition of Middle East Clean Energy

Last weekend witnessed the end of the activities of the Middle East Clean Energy, the first clean & renewable energy trade fair & conference in Lebanon, which was held in Beirut between September 7 and 9, 2022. The event, announced that the total of its deals exceeded fifty million US dollars during the days of the exhibition, was an opportunity for exhibitors, agents for international brands to search for agents and distributors in the country, and the region, Open dialogue between industry stakeholders to encourage strategic partnerships, also to promote their products and services for the general public.

Mece was also an opportunity for engineers, specialists, and the general public to closely familiarize themselves with the most prominent technologies in the field of clean and renewable energy, also an opportunity to provide clients with a variety of options to choose the best deal.

The Middle East Clean Energy included a very rich and intense conference program composed from twenty-four experts and specialists, in order to promote innovation and new technologies and to Educate the audience about new clean energy technologies who were divided into six sessions: the first session focused on highlighting the importance of creating a national industry in the field of clean energy, which help to Empower younger generations and entrepreneurs and then a second session on energy efficiency.

Then, a third session on energy transition from fuel to clean energy, and a fourth session on the challenges of the clean energy market in Lebanon to discuss the sector’s problems and challenges. And a fourth session was held on the challenges of marketing and selling clean energy solutions in the Levant, and a sixth and final session on the personal growth of employees in light of crises.

The exhibition provided a unique opportunity for engineers, specialists and workers in clean energy to meet together in the heart of Beirut, and opened a door for cooperation and networking among them.

Middle East clean Energy was organized by Beirut Expo, a leading institution in the field of exhibitions and conferences, which announced that the second edition of the expo will be held in Beirut next year in 3-5 May, 2023.

Source: Executive Magazine

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